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STATUS Athletic Family, and Player Management

Commit a sport or sports position that fits

Present talent assessment , and level that you can achieve

Goals settings that are real , and overachieving

Age appropriate physical training,  w/ injury prevention

Assessments ongoing in season and off season

Projections of the next level playing potential

Efficient  S/C training, and  nutritional plan life style 

Strategy for getting attention of the next level coaches

Train you to  recruit the recruiters

Players must approach your head coach and make it a win-win

How you must make the media your friend

STATUS  Elite Hurdling coach

We have hurdlers from District to National Champions

Our assessment will provide you with a custom plan

We can have group or private training 

Our training is from the beginners to the national elite

Plan to reach obtainable goals and over acheive

When we reach goals then we can recruit the recruiters

STATUS  Athletes Development




Change of Direction


Burst to separate, disengage


Explosive at impact

Eye hand reaction


STATUS  Motivational Speaker

Team Values

Chemistry can be  Developed

You must be overachievers

Family values

STATUS All American National Football Coach All Positions

Coached players from Jr. High to the Hall of Fame

Private or group training

Status is hands on training skills and lineman positions

Status is National Elite level recruiting the recruiters

STATUS Athletic Consultant

Construction planning for all facilities

Staffing plan start up or reorganize

Personal evaluation plan that works as you go

Budgets set fair for all

Athletics bringing in revenue

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