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David Smith

Athletic Training. Recruiting. Consulting.

STATUS' mission is to not only develop, train and consult, but  more importantly,  to give back.  The best way  I know to do this is through using the wisdom that I have acquired through my involvement with great athletic mentors and the network of coaches I have worked with throughout the last 40 years.  Peace of mind priceless, and is the fundamental component for happiness.  This peace can be achieved through knowing the help you are receiving is from a respected and qualified mentor.  The STATUS team has very diversified background and extensive knowledge that is available for athletes of all ages to take advantage of and utilize.  Let us guide you down a pathway that will lead you.  We believe the  life skills that athletics can instill, are not only valuable, but never ending.


Kennedy Smith- A&M Hurdler

Kennedy Smith, my youngest daughter, runs hurdles for Texas A&M as a now graduate student. In the 2019 Indoor season, she made the SEC finals in the 60 hurdles running a time of 8.28 seconds. She has  current 60 hurdle personal best of 8.24, and a 100 hurdler best of 13.22. She was names team captain of the Texas A&M track team in her junior year. 

Caroline Morris- UT Sprinter

Caroline Morris has been training with me for four years. In the summer of 2018, Caroline was a USATF finalist in the 400 meter at the Junior Olympics. That school year she had made it to state in the 400 meters placing 5th in the UIL 6A state meet. She now runs multiple events at the University of Texas. 


Jean Paul- Baylor Hurdler

In the summer of 2017, Jean Paul is the Gulf Coast Area Champion in both the 100 and 200 hurdles.  He won the gold medal in the 200 meter hurdles and the silver in the 100 meter hurdles in the Regional meet.  JP then went onto the USA national meet and placed 5th in the 100 meter hurdles and 9th in the 200 meter hurdles.  

Jean Paul placed 3rd in the 6A Texas regional meet his senior year in the 100 meter hurdles and 4th in the 300 meter hurdles. He will now be continuing his career at Baylor. 

"Missing the game and this man who taught me the things way beyond the game of football"
-Dalton Gumina
"Starting to realize positive coaching and encouragement is the way to improve an athlete's longevity, confidence, and love of a sport!! Thanks Coach Smith!!"
- Kathryn Driskill
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